Our Perspectives

Middle-market companies have always found it difficult to find unbiased, senior investment banking advice. The same can be true for younger technology-focused companies and larger firms with non-core subsidiaries. Large investment banks are often poorly suited, unable or unwilling to meet the needs of these clients.

We believe that important transactions occur in every kind of market and the need for strategic advice is as strong in soft markets as it is in performing markets. Companies must continually improve their position to intercept opportunities that are often unpredictable and perishable. Too often, companies seek to pick the ideal timing to initiate a strategic transaction process; either hoping for the best macro environment or internal business performance. Just as professional stock pickers can rarely time the market, companies are seldom successful in this approach. A tactical or reactive approach to key corporate decisions, such as capital formation, business entry or exit, or partnering, is seldom optimal.

Additionally, corporate management is frequently too busy or too close to see potential partners, opportunities or threats clearly, and external expertise can bring a new clarity and original ideas.

Our mission is to provide our clients with access to independent, world class investment banking, and to serve as a trusted resource to create value or avoid its destruction.